Curious about Lifestyle Photography?

When I first started doing photography professionally, lifestyle sessions weren’t really a thing, but in the last several years, it has taken off like crazy, and for good reason. So let’s get into it and see if it may be just what you are looking for, for your next photo shoot!

So What is it?

Lifestyle Photography is most easily described as a kind of photography that aims to capture people in situations, real-life moments or milestones, in a creative manner. Think of if as the art of the everyday.
So, a lifestyle photo session is a portrait session that grabs a little snapshot of your real life.The primary focus is documenting your story naturally – could be a lovey, cuddly in home session, rolling around in a bed with your hubby, capturing your kiddos jumping on the couch and playing with your new puppy, or anything in between. That’s kind of the beauty of it…every single session is going to be 100% you, and 100% authentic and unique. Because most of the time these sessions are done in your home, you’ll also feel the most comfortable and free to have fun, which is always reflected in the finished images. Another great perk of this type of session. The big myth about lifestyle photography, or why people may have hesitation towards it initially, is because they are afraid they’ll look awkward, or that their life is too boring to be “insta-worthy”, or maybe their house doesn’t look like a pinterest pin. Well, my friends, that’s why you hire a professional photographer!! To get those swoon worthy pictures, a professional photographer will be coaching clients lightly, or giving fun prompts to get the ball rolling, or even to just help create those moments if they aren’t coming as naturally on their own.

Think of your photographer as a documentary movie director:

…still shooting real life, just with some direction along the way, so we get the end result we all want!
But what if your house isn’t all bright and boho, or modern and kitschy like you see in other photos floating around online? No worries. Part of the photo session process for the photographer is finding the best spot or spots in your house, the ones with the best natural light, objects we can use, etc. We may even move a few things around to stage it a bit, and we use our experience to frame our shots in a way that we are only capturing or putting in focus, what we want to highlight in that photo. And, not every lifestyle session is done in-home. You can always get creative with the location – coffee shop, park, or even in an airbnb or hotel! Options are really limitless!

Is it right for you?

Lifestyle photography is all about telling a story through a lens. It’s a perfect window into a specific time in your life, so I may be partial, but I think everyone should do one once a year just for memories sake! You may have been considering a typical couples or family session, but if you are fence, it’s best to talk with your photographer about your goals, and we can help lead you in the right direction, and photo shoot type, to capture your moments beautifully.

Want to chat about a lifestyle session? Send me a note HERE.

May 9, 2019

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Lifestyle Photography 101

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