"I am always honored to be able to help couples document their unique love, delivering to them vibrant, artful memories"

I’m a wife, new mama, and artist/photographer based in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.
First of all, I really do LOVE love. I think it speaks volumes in my photos and also about who I am. ​

Aside from being addicted to the mushy love-fests, I’m an animal lover, a ridiculous foodie, a wine and craft beer afficianado, lover of the outdoors, and am passionate about Jesus.​ On an average day, you’ll find me on a trail, getting inspiration for my next watercolor, or in my studio editing images and bringing art to life (so I basically live in yoga pants).

I'm also super passionate about traveling, and have traveled extensively (mostly backpacking solo!), having visited 38 countries so far. I especially love seeing how other people celebrate, live, and love around the world, and it always keeps me dreaming of my next backpacking trip.

I'm Tiffany Marie. Nice to meet you!

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I shoot with all professional level Nikon equipment, and have backup cameras and all sorts of gear at every wedding.
I have a variety of lenses to capture all those special moments perfectly; wide angles for big open spaces, macro lenses for the close in ‘details’ shots, prime lenses for super crisp portraits, zooms for the ceremony, and everything in between.  

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My Style

What I love

I'm a native to Arizona (Yes, REALLY!), but spent a lot of my life in Colorado, which I equally love. I was raised by an artist and photographer mother, and a techy, logistics loving father, so I'd like to think I absorbed all those character traits, and incorporate them into my business and life daily! 

Having grown up surrounded by art and creativity, and then having studied Fine Art and photography at a college and career level, I'm now living my dream!

I’m a photojournalistic or documentary style photog, which essentially means I love “catching moments,” instead of just taking countless staged or overly posed photos.

I prefer natural light to flash and artificial light, so the photos you will receive will have lots of interesting light, shadows and depth.  

Overall, my style is considered organic and bold. 

•  Handmaids Tale, LOST, Friends

•  My dog Saydee, Hubby and son

•  Climbing 14,000ft mountains

•  Watercolor paintings

•  Growing herbs and veggies

•  Indie rock and Folk music

•  Anything boho or a bit hippie

•  Backpacking everywhere

•  Pinot Noir, Grapefruit shandy, Ipa's

•  A great devotional time

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